Fossergrim Colorized Picture

These are mythical man creatures from Norse mythology. They live in waterfalls, waiting for maidens to come bathe in their rivers in lakes. When the maides come, they mate with the women. Children born from this are always male, more Fossergrim, and the child returns to the river/lake/waterfall. A Fossergrim can walk on land, but cannot travel no more than one mile from his home in the water.

A colored version. Yay.

My favorite part are the rocks.
My least favorite part is the Fossergrim himself. How's that for a kick in the pants?

And now... Because I found this so funny...

You see... I had my friend ~ PrincessJulia16 test view my picture.

~PrincessJulia16 : you can tell it's water and grass and rocks. looks fine to me. it's your style.
*Youkai-Dumatra : It's sad when my favorite part of the picture are the rocks
~PrincessJulia16 : rocks are hard. in the literal and artistic sense.
*Youkai-Dumatra : Grass and water are hard
*Youkai-Dumatra : The rocks were easy
*Youkai-Dumatra : They were like "hey! courtney! the sun's there! so put the shadows on us here!" And they pointed to their little rock butts and it was a cake walk
~PrincessJulia16 : and people say i'm odd
*Youkai-Dumatra : No, I really... I dunno... I just started thinking with some new part of my brain... and suddenly everything makes sense to me now... but to no one else
~PrincessJulia16 : well thats exactly how i've been for a very long time
*Youkai-Dumatra : I think I became enlightened or something... And I didn't have to befriend a river or nothing!

I'm no Siddhartha. But I like rocks.
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