Epona Picture

Epona is a continent on a planet between two suns. Therefore it's hot on the poles and cold on the equator. Day and night does not change, instead it depends on the region.

Epona is inhabited by elvish ponies, so I've changed the names of the pony races a bit.

Earth Pony: Wood Elf
Unicorn: High Elf
Pegasus: Storm Elf

There are three countries on Epona. Aevia, Forteron and Devitias. Riverglade, Nightwarden and High Shephold are their respective capitals.

Aevia and Forteron both have a democratic form of goverment, while Devitias has a monarchy. The two northern countries are waging war against the south to impose their form of goverment on them. Although for Aevia, this is only a pretext to get the valuable mineral resources in Devitias.

Aevia and Forteron have not always existed as democratic states. In the past they were two warring kingdoms.

But someday, a prophet named Ilumnia appeared.

She told them stories about the gods and teached the elves of Epona the values of respect, honor and kindness.

The religion/mythology on Epona:

The holy world of the gods was inhabited by two nations. One side started a war, which it soon lost. As punishment, the gods of this nation were made mortal by the other gods and thrown into a tornado, where they suffered for a long time. The magic energy of the tornado created a new world called Epona, which is now the home of these new mortals.

Illumnia told them that they must be kind and respectful to one another, because they were „evil“ in their former lives. Those are the values that are taught by this religion.

On the basis of this religion, the elves established Aevia and Forteron as democratic states. Only Devitias is still ruled by a king.

These are the names of the gods of Epona and for what they stand:

Tenabros. God of darkness.
Luxtos. God of light.
Delucia. Goddess of twilight.
Gratos. God of love.
Invitia. Goddess of hate.
Equilia. Goddess of balance.
Milestos. God of war.
Paxtos. God of peace.
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