Humidity Trio: Zanther Picture

Introducing Zanther, the snake of Luterran mythology! With the unique ability Sanskin, Zanther can speed past most things and has access to Divine Bliss, its signature move. Details on it are below:

Name: Zanther

Typing: Electric/Poison

Dex No.: #037 on the Plains of Luterra Pokedex

Ability: Sanskin - Increases the priority of attacks with less than or equal to 60 by 1.

Signature Move: Divine Bliss (Undecided-type; 60 Base Power) - Power doubles if move strikes first, super-effective on Ground-types

Type Effectiveness:
Damaged Normally by:
Normal (x1), Ghost (x1), Water (x1), Dragon (x1), Rock (x1), Fire (x1), Ice (x1), Dark (x1)
Weak to:
Ground (x4), Psychic (x2)
Immune to:
Poisoning and Paralysis
Resistant to:
Electric (x1/2), Bug (x1/2), Grass (x1/2), Flying (x1/2), Fighting (x1/2), Fairy (x1/2), Steel (x1/2), Poison (x1/2(

Base Stats:
HP: 108
Attack: 74
Defense: 107
Sp. Atk: 142
Sp. Def: 111
Speed: 138
Total: 680

By Leveling Up:
Start: Poison Fang
Start: Thunder Fang
Start: Fire Fang
Start: Ice Fang
8: Coil
12: Constrict
15: Venoshock
22: Thunderbolt
29: Dragon Rush
36: Magnet Rise
43: Ion Deluge
50: Sludge Wave
54: Divine Bliss
64: Morning Sun
71: Future Sight
78: Thunder
85: Sandstorm
92: Dark Pulse
100: Solar Beam
By TM:
Psyshock, Calm Mind, Toxic, Hail, Venoshock, Hidden Power, Sunny Day, Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Light Screen, Protect, Rain Dance, Solar Beam, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Psychic, Double Team, Sludge Wave, Rest, Overheat, Charge Beam, Volt Switch, Thunder Wave, Struggle Bug, Frost Breath, Dragon Tail, Grass Knot, Substitute, Flash Cannon, Wild Charge, Dark Pulse, Dazzling Gleam

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