Tarot 14 - Temperance Picture

Upright - Temperance is all about synthesis, about creating a third, unique element out of two other, usually opposing, and elements. This is not the balance of Justice which trims and re-distributes to even things out, but a merging of just enough of each to form something new.

Upside-down - The Temperance card reversed means you might well be informed that what he's attempting to do, or what someone else is attempting is not going to work. The elements needed to pull off this synthesis aren't there, and no one has the coordination or talent to mix the ingredients. Even the drive or desire to do so is vanishing. It's a nice dream to synthesize these opposites into a unified and unique whole, but no one involved with that dream can, currently, make it a reality.

Creature – The Baku, also known as "dream eaters" are spirits found in Chinese and Japanese mythology that devour dreams and nightmares. Baku is similar to a chimera, either with the head of an elephant and the body of a lion or the legs and feet of a tiger. Baku are generally benign creatures who aid human beings by eating nightmares or the evil spirits that cause such dreams. Sometimes they do this unbidden, but other legends require a nightmare sufferer to awaken and call upon a Baku to eat his dreams. According to some beliefs, Baku can change eaten dreams to good luck.

Card Back [link]
0 The Fool [link]
1 The Magician [link]
2 The High Priestess [link]
3 The Empress [link]
4 The Emperor [link]
5 The High Priest [link]
6 The Lovers [link]
7 The Chariot [link]
8 Strength [link]
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10 Wheel of Fortune [link]
11 Justice [link]
12 The Hanged Man [link]
13 Death [link]
14 Temperance [link]
15 The Devil [link]
16 The Tower [link]
17 The Star [link]
18 The Moon [link]
19 The Sun [link]
20 Judgment [link]
21 The World [link]
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