DDS: Yoko Demon Form Picture

Okay....So Let's get something straight off the bat:

I said I'd make this when I had the Time, patients, and talent.
I only had two of the three, talent is still missing. >.<

It took about two days to complete.
Half a day draw get the pencil sketch, half a day to color, and a day to design the color system and how it fit on.

*NOTE I know that there is tect on the paper that can't be read as well as black spots on the right hand side of the monitor. The Pencil written words from left to right read: "Non retractable claws used for physical attack skills.
Dual Tails used for magic and shield skills.
Cross Sectioned teeth like that of a shark used for hunting skills."
The black spots are just a result of the paper I used to copy the original sketch which is still colorless.

Info on Tara
Yoko's demon is known as Tara (Tara means "star" and complements Yoko's name which means "Sun Child".) In Hindu Mythology, the Goddess Tara was the second of the Dasa Mahavidyas, or "Great Wisdom Goddesses", Trantric manifestations of Mahadevi, Kali, and Parvati. As the star is seen as a beautiful but perpetually self-combusting thing, so Tara is perceived at core as the absolute, unquenchable hunger that propels all life. Tara was commonly confused with Kali but the most distinguishing difference was that Tara wore a tiger skin skirt and Kali wore one of a thousand arms (correct?)

Yoko's embodiment of Tara a long Red Tiger with purple strips that stands three feet high and five feet long. It has two tails, each with a purple flame at the end. Upon it's head is a helmet which hides it's eyes but does not cover its mouth which is lined with two and a half inch long carnivorous teeth.

Awakening when Yoko first sees Sera, Tara's stats and weaknesses are as follows:

Strong: Death and Fire
Weak: Ice and Expel
Null: Death
Drain: N/A
Repel: N/A
Resist: Fire
High Stats: Magic and Agility
Average Stats: Strength and Luck
Low Stats: Vitality.
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