TS Characters 2 Picture

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This is my next set of characters for my TwilightSoul comic.

From left to right they are Aker, Caith, Benu. Aker and Benu are somewhat demi-god spirits called "Katheons".

All of Caith's abilities and the Katheons are all based off of Egyptian mythology.

Name: Caith
Weapon: Katars
Magic: Fusing ability with Katheons.
Description: Caith is half-human. The other half of her blood is Katheon (the same as Aker and Benu). This gives her the unque ability to fuse her body with one of her Katheon partners. Example: If she fuses with Aker (the cat) she'll gain cat like traits and all of Aker's abilities. Without her partners she has very little magic ability of her own since her own Katheon abilities haven't awakened yet.

She's actually my first black character. I'll give more on her later.

Name: Aker
Element: Earth
Animal Form: Young Lion
Description: Also know as the the "Double Lion God". He has the ability to split into two parts, "Sef and Tuau" or just "Akeru". He also has earth elemental attacks.
He is Caith's oldest and closest ally and friend. They been together ever since Caith was born and ever since then he's look out for her.

Name: Benu
Element: Air and Fire
Animal Form: Heron
Description: His fire elemental abilities are drawn from the Sun. (I don't have much other description then that).
I might redesign Benu later.
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