SunWorshipper Stone Picture

Give your reptile vivarium furnishings fit for a Pharoah, they deserve it!

This beautiful, one-of-a-kind, luxury, designer hide/basking rock from UnusualArts was hand made from start to finish by experienced herp-keeper and reptile artist H. E. Lidstone, with not just aesthetics but also the welfare of your pet(s) and ease of maintenance in mind.

Leopard geckos (E. macularius) have the most beautiful eyes reminiscent of Ancient Egyptian murals, and this was the inspiration for the hide/basking rock being offered for sale. The hide resembles a crumbling section of the interior walls of a pyramid, adorned with heiroglyphs and a sacred scarab holding the sun. Ancient Egyptian mythology places the scarab in a position of great importance as it was beleived to roll the sun accross the sky.

>> Constructed from polystyrene and tile adheisive for a strong yet lightweight finished item.
>> The building materials also cause this item to have a slight amount of 'give' to it, so that should it be dropped it won't shatter into hazardous, sharp-edged peices like ceramic furnishings. In the unlikely event of the hide being dropped on an animal, this also decreases the likelihood of injury to your pet(s), unlike real stone.
>> The entire item is covered in at least two layers of non-toxic, satin varnish to preserve the paintwork, prevent your pet(s) from coming in contact with the paint and seal the surfaces with a smooth, non-porous coat for ease of cleaning.
>> The interior of the hide is painted black to provide as stress-free and secure an environment as possible for your pet(s) to rest in, as stress from insecurity frequently leads to immune response dysfunction and illness of varying degrees.
>> The hide is marked with its completion date, series number and artist's signature for authenticity, in this case, 'Heather Lidstone, 25/07/05, 3'.
>> Dimensions (approx): Highest point = 10cm, Widest point = 27cm. Internal cavity measures 7cm high, 15cm wide and 16cm deep.
>> Postage is £4 to UK (Enquire for overseas). Packaging is free (because I'm nice like that
This is but an example of what can be made, and comissions are of similar price to advertised items (price will vary with size of course). Moist hides, hides, basking rocks, feeding platforms, feeding bowls, water bowls and backing 'cliffs' also avaliable. Fossil impregnated rock? Granite or marble effect? Ancient Egyptian? Aztec? American Indian? Moonscape (would look fabulous for a blizzard leopard gecko on silver sand, with crater effect bowls, moonrock effect hides, and a backdrop photograph of the earth viewed from the moon!)

Your imagination is the only limit!

For any questions, quiries, orders and requests, please e-mail Heather at [email protected] Thankyou for looking!
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