Fenrawr Picture

Fenrawr - The Hell Mouth Poke'mon
Height - 7' 4" Weight - 513.5 lbs Type - Dark / -- Ability - Run Away

Fenrawr are viciously violent Poke'mon the enjoy roaming across the Ragnorii region. The raising of one needs patience, and skill, as they are very dangerous.

I thought of Fenrawr when I go back from Harry Potter 6 and saw your contest. You said it had to be a Poke'mon based off of a legend. Well, when I saw the name Fenrir Grayback, a character from the novel, I knew that Fenrir was part of a legend, so I did a ton of research when I got on the computer, and came up with this!
Fenrir is a monstrous wolf from Norse mythology. It was believed that three fetters were made to bind him in tests by the gods. The tests would ensure the gods that Fenrir would be of no harm to them. The first fetter was called Leyding. When the AEsir (the term denoting a member of the principal groups of gods of the pantheon of Norse paganism) bound Fenrir Leyding, he broke free by shaking it off and bucking. The second fetter was called Dromi. Dromi was twice as strong as Leyding, but Fenrir still managed to break free. Finally, the AEsir went to a group of dwarves, and asked them to create a final fetter. The fetter was made from six mythical materials, and was named Gleipnir. Gleipnir was soft and silken to the touch, but was incredibly strong. None of the gods could break it, so they bound Fenrir, but not before he forced Tyr to put his hand in Fenrir's mouth. When Fenrir was unable to break free, and Tyr's hand was bitten off, they sent him underground attached to a stone tablet called Gjoll, where he will awaken only at Ragnarok.
On the side of Fenrawr, there is a crescent moon marking. I didn't draw the other side, but it would show a sun (circular) marking. This is because it was thought that the wolves the devour the sun and the moon, Sköll and Hati Hrovitnisson respectively, were originally just Fenrir.

As for the ribbons, they represent Gleipnir, and the tattered ends because of the struggle, and breaking free at Ragnarok. They perpetually billow, as if there is wind. That isn't actually part of the myth, I just added it for fun and looks.

Their height and weight, as you can probably guess, is because Fenrir was supposed to be an enormous wolf, so I made its mass as such.

I made it the Hell Mouth Poke'mon, because that was another name for Fenrir.

(technically, fetters are fo your feet, but i decided to add)
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