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Photo: B. Tishia
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Comment: Watching Agathodaimon @ Porto Rio - PORTUGAL
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Has some of you have noticed, I'll be playing live as guitarist for Corpus Christii.
These are the forthcoming live apearances:


04.04 to 15.04 - CORPUS CHRISTII / MERRIMACK European Tour 07
European Tour 2007
4.4. (Wed) B
5.4. (Thur) D
6.4. (Fri) NL
7.4. (Sat) UK
8.4. (Sun) F
9.4. (mon) F / SWI
10.4. (Tue) IT
11.4. (wed) Ljubljana(Orto Bar) / Slovenia
12.4. (thu) Vienna / Austria
13.4. (fri) Annaberg / Germany
14.4. (Sat) Ellrich / Germany
15.4. (Sun) Nürnberg / Germany
Interested promoters can get in touch....

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There is only ONE WEEK left to the deadline given for the layout reception, for those who might be interested, please contact us or send us your unfinished works.
Thanks once more to all those who are showing their support on Epping Forest, we have received great works!

Dead Line February 5.
Pay attention to the concept, because there are some works that go too much along from the base concept of a Mythological Blackened Death Metal band.


As most of you may know, Epping Forest has been busy with the recording of our debut studio album. We are currently in the final stage of production and mastering. As such, the time has come to start working on the layout for the CD booklet (cover, back cover, book and CD). Seeing as we lack the financial means to invest in a professional design, we hereby challenge anyone who might be interested to help us out with the design.

The general concept is to draw the whole booklet for the Epping Forest CD:
- 8 pages (4 sheets);
- 1 CD
- 2 Front/back page - (Inner cover and backcover)
- T-shirt: Front & Back (After the contest).

The selection of the winners will be held in three different phases + 1 extra phase:

Phase 1 - Selection of the designer by means of a cover.
Phase 2 - Selection of the designer by means of cover + backcover.
Phase 3 - Final selection of the complete work (Complete booklet with CD)

After being selected, the designer will have the opportunity to conceive the band's T-shirt layout.

Phase 4 - T-shirt design (monochromatic, black T-shirt, white drawing)

As above mentioned, We cannot afford to pay our designers - however, as a token of our appreciation for the effort of those who care about the band and help us go on, we will offer the lucky winner one item of every piece of our merchandise.
In addition, should we succeed in obtaining financial label backup, we will also make sure that the author has the rights to the design work (registered with the album), as well as a money fee and a visible reference in the booklet.

Seeing as the album does not have a release date yet, we would like to establish the first deadline as February 5 for reception of the cover artwork. This date is subject to change and, depending on the funds the band gets hold of, the designer may benefit from the delay.

General concept of the artwork:
- The occult as a form of art and expression (no religious symbols)
- The band's music (blackened Death Metal)
- A somewhat showy yet non abusive approach
- Mythological ideology closely related to the forest theme
- Lyrical component (Greek, Scandinavian, Egyptian mythology)
- The booklet should have 7 to 9 lyrics, one photo per band element (4 in total), a complete band picture in the last page.
- The backcover shall feature 9 to 10 song titles, room for barcode, label (or author's edition), designer name and band website.
- You can use fictitious names for song titles and band members for image testing purposes, as well as for the album title. You can, for example, use 'Everblasting Struggle'.

For further information:
[email protected]

My MSN [email protected]

Download Logo here

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