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Ugh well somehow I managed to go the entire summer without accomplishing anything T_T. I felt like I had to post SOMETHING to get me going. Hopefully I can get in the habit of just posting scraps and concepts so I can practice using my tablet.

--- Lore and Shit (not important but I like to talk about it so I have it in writing somewhere) ---

This is a pretty significant character from my story that I have done nothing for. I've always been a huge fan of megaman legends since I was a kid. I was always keen on the idea of independant constructs that humans didn't create. Also as you probably don't know, I took mythology last semester in college and that class got me really into gnostic scriptures. I'm not going to bore you with the details but I have this concept based off the idea that the demiurge was a construct rather than a biological being. And this race of robots were his creations before he was banished from the heavens.

btw Demiurge = Prime Parent

My world is kind of based on an alternate mythological timeline of our planet in which humans and the prime parent have some epic war and ultimately slay the gods as opposed to worshiping the prime parent as the one true god. Granted this is all lore and has nothing to do with the actually story/comic I will eventually write. After humanity kills their creator, The beings from the eternal realm of light are content with the destruction of the gods and abandon the planet.

The worlds land masses are stagnant. The largest of these continents is called Fliatos, where the story takes place. The powers and technologies derived from the fallen gods have now become appart of civilization. The entire world revolves heavily around magic. Magic powers everything from ships to kitchen stoves. There is an all purpose magical fuel that can be magically derived from any organic compound with the proper ritual. It has the same concept of energy in physics(or whatever) whereas all energy necesary for life comes from the sun and is most easily accessed through plants and goes up the food chain. Many constructs are still around. Leftover creations of the demiurge. Many of which reside in ruins of sunken cities and the destroyed heavens that the gods once lived on.

Because of this and the lore pertaining to the deaths of the gods, religious norm is to worship the sun and moon. All churches who worship a so called god are all cults and dealt with by the high order.

The high order acts as mankinds own god. Humanity couldn't be trusted with its own well being. Crime and greed rose through the ever flourishing kingdoms of Fliatos. It is said that the high order first rose from decree the fliatos' first ever king. A man who had lived to see the fall of the gods. Legend states that with the heart of the prime parent, he created a floating haven. An entire city which was able to lift into the sky, this city was called Elysium.

Elysium is no more than a legend but the high order certainly exists. The organization has a structured chain of command based on a council of kings and other exalted individuals. The ultimate purpose of the high order is to trace back the creation of the earth and the birth of the prime parent. If they could obtain the power of creation, that would be all humanity would ever need.


Now that I covered the bare bones I can explain who Lyllia is. She is an experiment of the high order. Born human, she was a modified hybrid with an affinity to the constructs. She was the first of a line of experiments trying to connect humanity with what the prime parent left behind. Perhaps there was a hidden reservoir of knowledge that could be uncovered.

I based Lyllia off the mythological lillith who was adam's first mate who had rejected him on the count that she was equal to him. It was also implied that in the story of adam and eve that lillith took the form of the serpent and convinced eve to eat from the tree of knowledge/gnosis. So she is generally associated with the snake. Her little pet(the one on her shoulder) is her little construct pet which is supposed to be a snake type thingy. The large snake(more like a worm but w/e) is probably a construct she has control over somewhere late in the story. It's all really scribbled but it was so I could get the jist of the scale of it. The plating is supposed to continue all the way down but I was lazy.

I was kinda winging it on the outfit. Its supposed to be some fancy fantasy labcoat. Her right hand has a permanently affixed gauntlet which she uses to interact with the constructs. Not gonna talk about her personal story. Just wanted to talk about her concept. If you read this all you should comment on what I got so far
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