Flameclaw Picture

Name: Flameclaw
Species: Flame dragon
Gender: Female
Hobbies: Flying, swimming through lava, training.
Likes: Sunlight, Friends, always being right, eating meat, adventurous, using her fire
moves to make combos.
Dislikes: Bullies, villains, water, coldness, rainy days, eating grass/plants and bugs.
Personality: Flameclaw is a young flame drago. She and Trixie(hybrid dragon) are the
only flame dragons; due to the Dragon Age war. She is ambitious, adventurous and cheerful
but sometimes is a bit impatient and hot tempted. Being a fire element, she hates the
water or anything to do with it; it can even kill her.
(Water is flame dragons weakness. Once they fall into the water, their bodies become
frail and their flames disappear then they drown or.. in some cases "rage form".
(Once i draw her rage form, i'll give a description on how it works)

Abilities: Flamethrowers
Absorbs heat from the sun
Flame Charges
Fire balls

Her best friend is Icetail.

Story: Flameclaw was born during the dragon age war; her mother killed by an unknown dragon while her father died
protecting his fello flame mates. She was quite young and lonely until she found another dragon that took care of her.
The caring dragon helped other young-lings during the war, it was like a foster home. Flameclaw met a cooled ice dragon
named Icetail; after a while they instantly became best friends. When the war was over, Flameclaw decided to move out to another destination, so was Icetail. She and Icetail flew around, fought monsters/other dragons and did plenty of
fun things together. Now, Flameclaw lives in a nice hot volcano while grey humid clouds flew past by. Icetail's home was pretty close to visit too.
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