Malik Hassim Picture

In the Roleplaying world, there is a game called Exalted.
Exalted is basically DBZ, Final Fantasy, and Greek Mythology mixed up, and dropped into Ancient China. In this game, there are demi-Gods called Exalted which are normally what people play. They are touched with a portion of their patron (or matron) God/Goddess, and are basically awesome.
This guy is one of them.
His Patron God is the ruler of the Gods, named the Unconquered Sun. They are called Solar Exalted. There are five castes within the Solar Exalted which correspond to a person's innate abilities: Dawn, Zenith, Twilight, Night, and Eclipse. The Dawn Caste are the warriors. They beat the crap out of the enemies of the Unconquered Sun. The Zenith Caste are priests/prophets. They are the messengers of the Unconquered Sun. If you're familiar with Old Testiment prophets in the Bible, they're kind of like that. They speak and preach, and you can stone them, beat them, and throw them into fiery furnaces, but they just keep coming, and just don't shut up. The Twilight Caste are the wizards, mystics, and engineers. Night Caste are rogues/ninjas/thieves. And the Eclipse Caste are the diplomats and ambassadors.
Malik Hassim is a Night Caste. He's a thief and a spy, and he has less... scruples than most normal human beings. These are his night clothes. He almost looks like an honest businessman during the day.
Malik Hassim was a spy/thief/assassin for his father before he Exalted. His father runs a trade organization that dominates the Southern part of Creation, and is almost as influential as the heads of the Imperial houses of the Jade Empire, the biggest super power in Creation.
I think some backstory is in order. And I'm making it very short.
Beings called Primordials lived in a space called Chaos. They brought order to a section of it, and called it Creation. They made Gods to oversee Creation, and basically played some awesome game for millennia. The Gods wanted to play too, so they made Exalted, overthrew the Primordials with them, left the Solar Exalted in charge of Creation, and started to play. The Solars presided over a golden age of Creation until were overthrew by the weakest of the Exalted, the Terrestrials. The Terrestrials now control everything, and to make sure the Solars don't become powerful again, they started a religion which basically made Solars demon spawn and then, after about a millennium, the Jade Empire began under fantastical circumstances.
So with that information out of the way, Malik Exalted into a Solar in a very public way, and his father had to formally disown him. But, his father knows how valuable an asset Malik is, and how advantageous it is that he has a spy/assassin/thief that is not officially affiliated with him, so they keep in contact and he sends Malik on jobs from time to time. In between these jobs, he hires himself out to the highest bidder.
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