The Alchemist Picture

In the sky live noble stars
Gowned in light and fire
In their hearts they hold alchemy
And so they burn eternal
Lonely noble keep us close
Pretty baubles to delight
Let us take joy from them

When they die these noble stars
Their hearts are crushed and cooked
They blaze they crumble they burn what should not burn
They fight back against their doom.
They burn their flesh in place of their heart
But each time they try they fail.

They freeze, they cool, the Alchemists, as they bloat with death.
And when they die they explode in glitter and gold
and rain their treasure across the sky.

I've been working on the Language and Mythologies for my Alien race, the Mugbes. Above is a very good translation. If you actually read this poem, the grammar would be very diffacult to read in some places.
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