The Greek Miracle-Hamilton Picture


My head is dead right now. Seriously, I don't know how I can stand to look at the computer. Argh...I did too much reading today. Serves me right, I suppose. I should have known better than to wear my contacts for so long.

Oh, about the picture...

This is actually a project I did for my humanities class. It's due tomorrow~! Yay...not really. I despise the teacher. Love the class, though. I adore Greece as well, along with the mythology. Which is what we're learning about now. Though I would prefer a less biased few of Western Civilization. Eh, beggers can't be choosers.

Anyway, symbolizism...

I don't know how many people have read Edith Hamilton's book 'Mythology', but that's what we're reading now. Anyway, Hamilton goes on and on about how great the Greeks are for choosing human gods over beast gods. Bleh, her writing makes me sick. Anyway, we had to make a visual of the Greek Miracle (the alteration of the mind frame from: the world is dangerous and unknown to: the world is dangerous but we can figure it out). I decided to use the gods as representation.

Top chara-beast god. Don't hate me 'cause I can't draw snouts for the life of me. At least I cave her ears and a tail. In order to represent darkness and confusion, I used storm clouds. Her expression is that of anger. I gave her animalistic eyes (attempt). Oh, crap, forgot to ink an arm. That's okay, I'll do that later on the copy I turn in. Also, I gave her a whip to show the enslavement of humanity to her bidding. I sprinkled ink over her in order to produce a blood effect, I like how it came out. I sprinkled it on her because I wanted to represent how the blood of humans were stained on her soul. Human sacrifice and all.

No, I don't hate goddesses. I am just better at drawing females.

About the bottom...the sun represents awakening, realization, clarity (duh). I chose Athena (sorry, no reference used, probably came out totally wrong). I gave her a more pleasent expression. She is also dressed to go to war, being the goddess of war and all. I sprinkled the ink around her to represent how she encouraged the taking of other's lives, so that her people's live were not on her hands. I like how I drew the....cloth-thingy.
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