Influence Map Picture

Ok I never did one of this, so I thought It would be funny to do it. Also I think It will reveal something about me, that's good cause I don't do journals because I'm a lazy dude.

1. Artgerm: I guess you must know the art of this guy, and it's really awesome. I have some time watching this guy's art, I hope someday I'll become as good as him.
2. Sakimichan: I remember when I started coloring things that my first tutorial was one of hers. It was a swf about hair, and I think I've been following quite long ago since then. I wish I could color like that u.u
3. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: I'm a simple man with simple things that I like, one of them is Yu-Gi-Oh! and this my favorite animated series. Children Card Games on Motorcycles!!!!
4. Genzo: I really like his artworks I've been watching since early highschool? I really don't remember it was long ago.
4.5 Mythology: I really like mythology, about lots of things, I guess my favourite it's egyptian, but I also like the ones where the things revolve around the sun. That's why I put Amaterasu Quetzalcoatl and Ra.
5. Claymore: Uhmm I watched this again in Highschool and I really liked, specially the way the character were drawn. As the anime had an open ending, I did read the manga and it was awesome.
6. Bleach: In a world where all yor friends where watching an anime for tis first time (Naruto), a brave kid chose something different cause One Piece was long as f*ck (It had like 375 episodes back then, almost nothing if I think about its size now LOL) It was my first anime don't judge me I had like 13 years X,D. Byakuya Kuchiki & Kenpachi Zaraki are my favorite characters.
7. Kuvshinov-Ilya: I really like the coloring he does. I feel bad about my painting techniques :/
8. Kamelot: cause It's one of my favorite bands, also within temptation but I'm too lazy to add some space -.- also one of my favorite songs is from them "Soul Society - Kamelot"
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