El odio de los dioses- ink Picture

This is the inked version of a very significant piece to me that I will be finishing.

It is cropped a little...

This was drawn when I was going through a very, very angry, and frustrating time.

Ironically, I drew this before seeing "Apocalytpo"
But yes...Everything is significant... The angry jaguar WOMAN (believe it or not) is supposed to represent...Well, me, the fact that I am DAMN PROUD of being a woman, and my inner animal anger, rage, strength, hatred of hedonism...The jaguar is the Mayan symbol for the moral path, and I think that is very fitting. The jaguar stalks the dreams of those who do corrupt things...and it is also my totem animal.

The outfit is to honor my ancestors, show off my pride, and stick with the theme here.
The dagger represents strength, and is a common symbol with the jaguar... The heart represents the blood-thirst being quenched by the unnappeased god (dess in this case...), and the frailty that is human nature-for man to follow his heart, instead of his mind. It also is a re-accuring motif in the sacrificial artwork of the mesoamerican people..>The still beating heart being devoured by a jaguar.

The stuff that my boyfriend said looks like a keyboard is SUPPOSED to be a sacrificial altar.>_>

The stuff in the background is the rainforest, and behind that the sun, and THEN the mountains....Just to show a more simplistic and mythological view of the sun rising, and I may make the mountains look almost ethereal, as if they are the realm of the gods.

THis started as a piece to get my rage out...But it will end as one of my favorite pieces.

I really hope I don't fuck it up with coloring.D:
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