Elizabeth Helsing ID Picture

Name: Elizabeth Sol Helsing
Nicknames: Beth (prefers to be called), Sun (her middle name means sun), and Liz
Gender: Female
Species: Gargoyle
Age: Unknown
Eye color: Green
Hair Color: Purple
Height: "5, 4"
Weight: 133lbs
Family: Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Aiden Helsing(Brother)
Vivian Helsing (sister in-law)
Unknown Nephews
Love Interests: None at the moment
Occupation: Guardian of Humanity
Skills: Archery, Enchantments, Magic, and Martial Arts
Style: likes dark colors and is elegant and comfortable to wear
Sexual Orientation: Hetero Sexual
Interests: Mythology, writing, fighting, magic, enchantments and reading
Bio: Elizabeth's last name comes from the character, Abraham Van Helsing from the 1897 Gothic horror story, Dracula. She comes from a long line of royal Gargoyles, who have guarded humanity from being of time. It is unknown what year she was born and is still unknown to this day. From the time Elizabeth was born, she was trained to become a guardian of humanity. She is the best in her family when it comes to magic and enchantments. Unlike most of her family, Elizabeth took up Archery instead of Swordsmen ship. It is still unsure how long Gargoyles live for, but are known to be good monster hunters as well as evil vampire hunters. There is the uncertain fact is if Elizabeth has had past loves or not, it is said that a Gargoyle mates for life until death and will not have another mate in their life time. Elizabeth is very knowable and intelligent above most Gargoyles, her only match is her brother, Aiden. Elizabeth is very loyal and protective when it comes to her family and will make sure they are safe by all costs. Her brother Aiden is married to another Gargoyle named, Vivian and they have two sons. Elizabeth is good friends with the white tiger demon twins, Toshi and Toshio.

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