Scylla Picture

Meet my new pony OC, Scylla! As you might have noticed; she doesn't look like a normal sea-pony, which is correct. She is a Hippocampus! Yes; I came up with a new MLP race (kinda). Based off of the mythology animal Hippocampus, we have the MLP Race. (I would be surprise if I was the first person to think of this)

Hippocampuses live deep in the ocean, almost unknown by the 'Earth-Walking Ponies,' they live in grand cities. Few live near the surface of the waters with Sea-Ponies.

Now about Scylla; of course she is a Hippocampus. She lives higher in the water then her race likes as she loves to collect the shiny things that the Earth-Walking Ponies drop into the water, but they have to be shiny for her to collect it. She also loves to sun-bath and can be seen lying on rocks under the sun. She is playful, but some of her jokes can seem a little harsh and one thing you don't want to do with her is call her a Sea-Pony. She strongly dislike being called a Sea-Pony as her race likes to think that they are grander then the common Sea-Pony. She is also interested in Earth-Walking Ponies and likes to greet them when they come near the shore that she lives by. She also can commonly be seen with the pink shell she wears around her neck on a string.
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