A Bit Horus Obsessed xD Picture

I drew The Eye of Horus on my left elbow in blue and then I recolored it black today when it started to fade a lot. (I also touched it up) And while doing my nails, for my concert tomorrow, on my left thumb (Which is the only one I can "Complicated" Designs since I'm right handed) I put a "Hidden Easter Egg" design in glitter (I'm going glitter on all the nails anyways) of The Eye of Horus. Its hard to see, yet I'm proud of it xD
By the way
Horus is the Egyptian God of War, Hunting, The Sky, and Protection. He had the head of a falcon (Either a Peregrine or a Lanner, but I say its a lanner due to the markings and coloration) and the body of a man. He was said to be able to turn into a falcon or into a lion with a falcon's head. (A gryphon) He was the brother of Isis and Osiris in certain tellings, but in all of his stories he was said to be their son as well. (Just adding onto the "What the fuck" factor to all Egyptian stories) He has been described as the "Egyptian Jesus" being born of a virgin named Isis-Meri (There is debate whether or not she was a virgin) and being crucified in the company of two thieves. (Also a debate, we don't know for sure.) What's really ironic is both of their adopted fathers had the same name with a different spelling. Jo-Seph and Joseph. Horus was oftenly called "The Sky" which, when a falcon, when he flew across it would change from day to night and night to day. This story continued until his left eye became the moon and his right became the sun, and when in a fight with Set (His worst enemy and brother/uncle) his left eye was gouged out. But Khonsu, the moon god, created him a new eye, thus explaining why the moon is dimmer than the Sun. I would explain more about Horus' interesting mythology, but it get's very sexual so I would recommend reading that on your own time. But the Eye of Horus or Wedjat is the Egyptian Symbol for protection. It became the symbol for Horus as it was originally to represent a falcon's eye in the first place.

Mytholgoy (c) Original Writers
Art (c) Me

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