Miss Asa Jewelbright Picture

Asa 'Alleycat' Jewelbright is from my third-oldest story (after an unnamed one about lizards and Catchant), Crest of the Cat. She is an elf--a bit of a mix between Tolkein and ancient mythology: in her world, elves max out at about four feet tall, but vary in beauty and dexterity. All elves do not eat or drink, but photosynthesize with water and light. There are two types of elf: Sun Elves, and Moon Elves (Moon Elves being brunettes, Sun Elves being blondes), named after the source of light that they feed on. Consequently, Moon Elves are nocturnal. Asa was a distant cousin of the ruling Moon Elf family until her city was razed in a terrible attack. She fled to the human city of Warbeck, where she became the thief known as Alleycat. An unfortunate choice in heist targets began with Alleycat stealing a cargo of precious dragon eggs and ended with her on the run from the city across the inhospitable plains with not only two dragonets in tow, but the mercenary hired to kill her and the runaway princess of Warbeck.

Life Drop seemed like a suitable choice of dress for an elf, especially since in CotC the elves aren't so much attuned to nature as part of it themselves, being an odd cross between mammal and plant. It also nicely bared her shoulder tattooes, and looked the part of being noble without being too fancy or over-the-top. (Obviously, this pic is supposed to be her in her city before she became a thief. Why does she have the tattooes, then? I don't know. They look cool. Shut up.)

Life Drop dress (c)
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