Three of Cups Picture

Brief Description: Three women in an abundant field, they hold cups toasting the bountiful harvest.

Mythology and Symbolism: These women are made up of Shii and Lenshi elves, specifically Wood Lenshi, Dusk Shii, and Sun Shii. Wood Lenshi are more subdued but aren't completely unknown in regular society, so though she makes friends with the other Shii women she isn't as outgoing or excitable as them. A fact only know in Shii society is that all Shii elves are born as Moon Shii, light skinned sometimes with a bluish tinge and light silver hair, blue, or deep inky black hair, but as they come of age they are allowed to choose the house they feel most connected to based on their skills and passions. Dusk Shii tend to be educators, lore keepers, and otherwise administratively minded, they are organized and love learning or teaching. Sun Shii tend to be artistic, creative, and natural leaders, they take their time to do things right and enjoy dedicating their lives to specific pursuits. Moon Shii are more curious, and investigative by nature, they tend to become adventurers more often than the others who tend to keep to Shii communities as their passions and goals are met easily within their own society.

Meaning: Pleasure, liberality, fulfillment, good conclusion to a situation, unexpected advancement, mutual love, eve of a journey or new venture.

Reverse Meaning: The end of a business, unfulfilled promises, self indulgence, unrequited love, irregular or intermittent gain.

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