Koli Ref- *OLD UPLOAD IS OLD* Picture

Heee he look at all the symbols I put. On his forehead is the symbol for destruction or evil, can't remember, he has a slenderman symbol on his right eye, a hatred symbol on his other eye, his chest, his flank, two slenderman symbols on his right arm

*Koli/Dark Spirit of All Dimensions*

Gender- Male

Age- Unknown/Mortal form is 19

Background- Spiteful towards the light gods, the moment he saw a chance to take over the world, he went right down to where Kurai was being created, and was about to take over when he discovered he was trapped inside Kurai's body.

Family and friends
He has a small source of affection towards Kurai, and has interest in Orran and Alena.

He sees the spirit of the sun in Celestia, and is attracted to her against his will, since, in spirit mythology, the Sun Goddess is part light, part destruction, because of the fire part of her, and since he is all destruction, he is mentally attracted to her power.

World Domination
You get the point

Other Info-
After a power blast so strong, he was knocked out of Kurai's body, into an exact twin body. Bound by the cuff, he stayed by Kurai at all times. The evil in him was so strong for a mortal body, that he slowly turned black. He carefully plots a way to destroy all his opponents, and rule the world.

He has little thought towards those he actually likes, but he plans to keep Kurai alive as an equal ruler, and maybe even crown Celestia queen, if he could get her to join him. *See fire/destruction attraction*
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