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Here is the famous phoenix from my imagination, Guang Fengge. I noticed that I had no full-body references of the guy, so here he is!

Another note, the color scheme of his clothes changed. They used to be warm colored, but now they're more cool colors. I don't know why it changed.

If I have time, I may work more on his shading.

EDIT: I thought I would add this, since I did this with Owphiyr's description.

Fengge is the protagonist of my main story in the works, TdG. Taiyang de Guangyun (Eng.: "Halo of the Sun") is a story that revolves around Chinese myth, but more specifically the legends about the phoenix and the dragon. TdG is not a retelling of mythology, but my own interpretation on the myths to focus on gender and social issues in pre-modern China. (Oddly enough, it started out as a comedy).

TdG delves into the social structure of the Chinese hierarchy and not only does it analyze myth and gender issues, but it reverses roles (i.e. the Phoenixes are matriarchal) and later deals with more sensitive issues such as prostitution, the role of religion in modern society, and Communism.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to ask questions or shoot me a message.

Here are some songs that Fengge likes, if you ever feel like drawing or writing for him (forewarning: the majority of these songs are not in English):

"Aama" by Acha Tsendep [link]

"Reel Around the Sun (12 Girls Band Version)" [link]

"Fly Freely" by Phoenix Legend [link]

"Te to Te to Me to Me" by Kalafina [link]

"Spring Subway" by Yu Quan (from the movie of the same name) [link]

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