i herd they serve justice here Picture

some of my artwork gets completely finished, and i never post it....
here is a hudge dump of some of my faverites form over the past two years and most recent,
it's a big one....

as numberd
1.i wanted to show my sister what a Tzarpan looked like, unfortunately, i felt it wasn't quality enough to share. Tayler(bottom) and Lahahee(top) in Cortlyn Venitaria
2.a portrait of Heather Excell, in traveling gear. a sort of flat palate for the colour schemes of a website.
3.a Technicolor speed paint of Ex, the Excellist Sun god.
4.cover art for a detailed write up on my molin races.
5.speed paint portrait of Conner, rather fond of it even if it was just quick practice.
6.photograph of me from early spring, was going to use as ID
7.speed paint of Akars eyes from like two year ago.
8.sketch of Xacoon from two years ago.
9.drawing of Canphess Dale, a student Watcher and Ex the sun god
10.flat paint of Galexsus Dark the Second Invert, unfinished.
11.team badges, two out of six, Lahahee for Team Demon, and Keyson for Team Human.
12.small chibi drawing of Aldrine Maximillia, a trixist Tamixrean Minotaur priest and student. for textures practice.
13.research project on oriental mythology for this character, a dokkeabi student named Miky.
14.drawing of Aireny, a corokopia, in traditional wedding attire.
15.drawing of Nanymin Mekee, as an adult archer and caster
16.character concepts for a screen play, Paolu and her older brother Pasho(pitch) Xth.
17.sketch of Tzar Mola, character concept, element Iodine
18.old chibi drawing of Xacoon Mortza and Alermikin Set
19.book mark concept for Beatrice Wong, Human student.
20.sketch concept for Akar Mola's armor.
21.speed paint of Aldrin Maximilia, and night cloak
22.old picture, drawn purely for humor, Harler Zapphrin(bottom) god of innovation, and St.Taren Deovchie(top) goddess of weather and geography.
23.sketch drawings of leterarian fawns, Sarid and his Wife, playing music.

characters and art(c)to ~thundraforest
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