Fairy Tail- Ammy Dragneel Picture

I am too lazy to wanna color anything....but alas, Ammy's official design.

Her full name is Amaterasu Dragneel, the name comes from the Sun Goddess in Japanese mythology. Ammy is a next gen character, the daughter of Natsu and Renee.

Ammy will get most of her looks from Natsu, pink, somewhat spiky hair, lightly tanned skin. Her personality comes from her mother, as she does not barge into fights or get as angry as her father....although she somewhat dislikes Gray....but like both parents...she had the stomach of a freaking elephant.....

Ammy will be a Fire Dragon Slayer like her father( I guess you can call her a 4th gen Dragon slayer, since she's taught by another Dragon Slayer...) but will also have regular Lightning Magic like her mom such as Lightning Body.

She will be a part of the Thunder God Tribe 2.0, along with her cousin, Cassandra Dreyar, Laxus and Viola's kid and the team leader

She will have either a little brother or a sister but I'm not too sure on that....most likely a little brother but thoughts can change!

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