Hikarin Tenki, Mistress of the moon and stars Picture

Name: Hikarin Tenki
Surname: The north Star
Age: Appears to be 15
Occupation: Mistress of the Star and moon
Likes: Constilations, Sparkly stuff
Dislikes: How humans would hurt the galaxy with pollution and such, despite this, she often goes to earth.
Accociated with: Mother Gaya, Akarin, Chishirin and Tarin.
Powers: To grab attention (She shines in the night sky)
Backstory: At first, they were homeless. They lived in a alleyway and their only friends were their sisters, and the cats that often came around there. This was until Gaya came around and felt pity for them. She blessed them each with a power and a realm. Hikarin took the stars and moon, Akarin took the clouds, Chishirin took the sun and Tarin, the oldest of the 4 took the sky. They were immediatly sent to their areas, where they took charge of everything that happened on earth.
Hikarin was often known as the North star/Big Dipper. Hikarin was the guide for the slaves who were in America. Often, the slaves would have no knowledge or unable to understand a map, so they followed the North Star as a guide to their land of freedom (Canada)


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