Orion Picture

Photograph taken of Orion (M42) 30 second exposure.


Nebulae M 42 (Large Orion Nebula), M 43 (De Mairan Nebula), M 78
Binaries beta Ori, delta Ori, zeta Ori, eta Ori, theta1 Ori, theta2 Ori, iota Ori, lambda Ori, Struve 750, Struve 747
Multiple star cluster sigma Ori, Struve 761
Star cluster NGC 1981
Irregularly variable star alpha Ori
Meteor Showers: Orionids, Chi Orionids.

This photo has been turned into black and white to sharpen it, however in color the shoulder star (Alpha Ori) is a red giant and shows up brilliant orange red. During it's peak phases it's diameter is 400 times larger then our own suns. The right leg star (Beta Ori) is a blue/white giant, and is the sixth brightest star in the sky. It doesnt show up in this picture but it has a small campanion star that is lost in it's glare.


Greek mythology plays Orion as a mighty hunter who is slain by a scorpion. As Orion sets in the east, his killer Scorpius rises in the west.
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