Runic Calender Picture

An old interpretation of some research i was looking into and situating out to form a calender off norse mythology. Don't remember what all books and where all i looked up info out of to throw together a calender but its been several years back when i made this and i've tried to sleep since then lol (sometimes i'm a horrible insomniac lol )

January- Rad- God of Evolution, Quest and Renewal
Febuary- Nyd- God of Endurance, Survival, and Destiny
March- Os- God of Harmony, Wisdom and Love
April- Ur- God of Endurance and Power
May- Tyr- God of Diversity, Justice and Power
June- Ger- God of Harvest, Growth and Rebirth
July- Gighe- God of Salvation, Wisdom and Sun
August- Vynn- God of Wisdom, Glory and Joy
September-Gyfu- God of Friendship, Balence and Gifts
October- Eoh- God of Excellance, and Strength
November- Feoh- God of Wealth, Friendship and Success
December- Ken- God of Fire, Wisdom, and Light
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