Persona 4 Character Design Picture

Persona 4 spam. Bit of doodling, ended up with this. And now, lengthy explanations!

Shoukyoku-Sekkyoku (or Shou-Kyo for short) is japanese for Positive-Negative. Or the other way around, I dunno. In a fanfic I'll never finish, my Persona's a reflection of the inner turmoil of wanting to achieve goals, but thinking too negatively, glass half empty kinda stuff. Ying-Yang, black and white...yeaaah. And looks like like an animal because I like japanese mythology etc.

And my shocked expression when I find out SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILERADACHIISTHEKILLERSPOILER. And my shadow. Which looks kinda like a hobo, 'cause I worry while people pretend to like me, they really think I'm worthless and unimportant. Something to be thrown away. Yaaay~!

...ANYWAY~! Fanfictions I'll never finish aside, for a sorta rushed piece of work, I like how it turned out. Crappy Sun Arcana cards, pffft. Enjoy? I don't own Persona 4, just my own crappy fangirly stuff.
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