NEKP: Guardians Vol. 1 OST Fan Picture

Fanmix OST for the first Volume of the Neverending Kamishibai Project: Guardians.

Download the Fanmix Here:

Track List as Follows:

1. Heavy Cross (Theme of Episode 1: The Legends are True) - The Gossip
2. Sing (Theme of Episode 2: Soul Wind) - She & Him
3. Hearts On Fire (Theme of Episode 3: Time and the Transporter) - Cut Copy
4. We Are the People (Theme of Episode 4: Stealing Mythology) - Empire of the Sun
5. You're Not Alone (Theme of Episode 5: Seeds) - ATB
6. Save Me (Theme of Episode 6: Reluctant Ascension) - Jem
7. Sister Rosetta (Theme of Episode 7: Change) - The Noisettes
8. You Can Do It (Theme of Episode 8: Tangled) - No Doubt
9. Soon We'll Be Living In the Future (Theme of Episode 9: Vulnerable) - Straylight Run
10. Breaker (Theme of Episode 10: Unholy) - Low
11. Come Downstairs And Say Hello (Theme of Episode 11: Shadow of a Doubt) - Guster
12. Cloud of Unknowing (Theme of Episode 12: Path of Fire)
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