golems of the dome city Picture

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i had fun designing these guys. they live in the dome city on sempria (i still gotta name the city). the city in a mecha for mages and magic users! the inner city is full of shops and vendors and street performers using magic and alchemy to make a quick buck. these golems walk the streets freely and make up a good deal of the cities population. they are decorated from often from head to toe with scripts of flowers, animals, magick symbols and other carvings which glow deep blue.. they are made from several different stones like limestone, marble, and onyx. they have eyes made of rune stone with the symbol of the sun carved in them to enable them to see. stones in the ear slots enable hearing, and one in the throat allows speech. unlike most golems in mythology they have free will and are considered the most advanced golems in existence on sempria.

I used:
.5 pencil for the rough draft
then flash for inking and coloring
lastly fireworks for the glow on the runes and carvings

Time took:
along time! i started it last month and got bored.

all sempria characters and themes are (C) of Andrew Perez aka nekoheehee
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