Dear God Picture

okay this originated from an odd idea
the statue of liberty has been destroyed because a mythological deity got pissed off for whatever reason at the human race, maybe because said deity is astonished at how backwards humanity is
so they decided to break one of humanity's treasures
and as you can tell, the deity destroyed a huge portion of the statue (and threw off the flame from the torch because they were raging lol)
and the marking on the notepad or whaTEVER tHe hell is in the statue's hands is the official symbol for the immortal ground
the slanted line resembles a path
the two dots and the corresponding symbol next to them(sun/moon) represents two opposite forces
they're treading calmly along the path side by side, regardless of their opposite forces
so in general, the marking symbolizes friendship and tranquility

aNyways, i guess i kind of like how this came out, especially the colors
i intended there to be minimal lineart and it's kind of sloppy lol but it looks alright from afar
so whaTeveR, it's meh
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