Jokull Kobicha Picture

Jokull is the future son of Monroe and Akasa, he possesses the powers of both Monroe and Akasa except for Monroe's powers over fire, lava and the sun, he instead possesses the powers of Conceptual Ice Manipulation, Conceptual Water Manipulation, Lunar Manipulation, Dark Moon Manipulation and Pure Moon Manipulation. He's also very friendly and upbeat but anger him and you will regret it, he also gets along with his adopted older brothers Zuriel and Ajabu, his uncles Noutan and Unari, his cousins and his cousins' families, like his father he can summon a creature to assist him in battle, it's called Abzu-Mani and it takes the form of an Akhlut, a creature from Inuit mythology however unlike Monroe Jokull can't merge with it (author: kinda imagine the Whalewolf from Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf or just google Akhlut)

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