Deify My Marsian Picture

The inspiration of this was three fold. One part was the flying stone head of one of the worst movies I ever seen, with the concepts tossed around with contradictory images of the Face of Mars, with the bazaar Occult concepts that have made pretty much every god or goddess ever imagined into some sort of ancient alien cults and strange nonsensical mysticism. Pulling these things together with some of the descriptions of El Elyon/Al Alyon; as the Divine Bull and Most High Supreme God of nearly a hundred polytheistic religions, and the connection with the Fiery Eye of Taurus and the Sun in Leo, resulted in this concept and symbolism. Because so called Grey Aliens (Which don't exist and based off a self portrait of who I find to be one of the most insane media whores of his time Aleister Crowley) are suppose to be some how ultra-advanced, I tossed in the Binary Code which means literally One God; and the number of a Star and the year it would have been visible by the naked eye in ancient times (by hypothesis) common to the modern Alien mythologies. After completing this art piece using only Photoshop Elements 10 i found this end result rather disturbing; more so than the so called little grey men thing and find the image rather haunting.

Feed Back on this one is welcomed.
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