Part Two Growth Picture

2011 second part of a three part project, lino cut on papyrus

My main idea was to do a visual representation of the events going on in Egypt at the time (the protests and the call for Mubarak and his cabinet to step down). My basic idea (as an outsider) was to have a view of support for the Egyptian people. In this piece I used a lot of Ancient Egyptian symbolism with a modern media (besides the papyrus) which was printmaking ink. The symbolism is as follows: the Eye of Ra in the upmost right corner is a symbol of protection from evil; the right eye is the sun and the left the moon. The figure in the middle is Osiris who is the god of resurrection and a symbol of fertility with his green skin, many tombs had a "corn Osiris" included which was a little planter box in the shape of Osiris planted with corn or wheat seeds ,and if the plants grew it was a sign of Osiris’s resurrective power. I chose to have corn sprouting hands holding ankhs (life) from his groin as a symbol of fertility instead of a straight phallus. He is supported by the Benben (a pyramid shaped mound of earth) which is rising out of the primordial waters; this comes from Egyptian creation mythology. My basic idea with this piece was to show growth, fertility and history.
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