Royal Trio Picture

Queen Gaia

Metal: Bronze
Gemstone: Opal
Theme Color: Bronze

In astrology Earth is not considered a planet. But in reality it is OUR planet, so it's the most important. It is the only planet in the Solar System that poseeses life forms. Queen Gaia is the most powerfull person in the universe and nobody knows how strong her powers can be.

Sol, the Bard

Metal: Gold
Gemstones: Amber, diamond
Theme Color: Golden (Or white)

In astrology, the Sun the self, personal power and leadership qualities, so he is the captain of the Gaia Army. It also represents the principles of creativity and music, that's why he is the "Bard". His weapon is a lyre as a reference of Apollo's Lyre.

Luna, the Huntress:

Metal: Silver
Gemstones: Pearl, moonstone, onyx
Theme Color: Silver (Or black)

In astrology the moon is associated with a person's emotional make-up, memories and mood, so she is very emotinal and sensible. She moves in the night like a silent shadow. In Greek mythology Diana was the hunter godess, so Luna is the hunter and the rouge of the team. Her weapon is a bow because Diana poseed one, and its form reminds crescent Moon form.
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