Icharus Picture

Pen & Ink; edited to size and minor corrections done with Photoshop.

Let me begin first by regarding the name of this peice. In Greek mythology, 'Icarus' was a boy who's father -- a great engineer -- fashioned wings of wax so that they could escape the prison of a king covetous of the man's genius. Icarus flew too high, as the story goes, against the warnings of his father. The sun melted his wings, and he plummeted out of the sky and into oblivion. By dubbing this peice 'Icharus,' only slightly different but fundamentally so, I wish for it to be connected with the story on a sort of translucent basis, but at the same time seperate in its entirety.

That said, this peice is one of my personal favorites, particularly the "wing" on the left side. The feathers were a personal accomplishment, and I'm proud to show off this piece when someone starts to leaf through my sketchbook. At this point, I consider this peice to be a complete work in and of itself, although I plan to later submit a version that has been photoshopped nicely. Feel free to critique honestly; I believe that one of the best ways for me to improve is to see the problems pointed out by other artists as skilled or more-so than myself, and I welcome such openly.
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