Oceanid Picture

When I started working on this picture, I actually didn't intend to end up doing all this crazy stuff to it! I was 'inspired' because I wanted a new image for my Myspace page. I don't care for pictures of myself (yet I seem to edit on them alot... my girlfriend calls me a walking conundrum and with good reason), so when I saw this and felt just kind of 'eeeh' about it, I set to work! Done in Photoshop with just four layers. The original picture was really dark, but that ended up being an advantage as I love how the side of my face just melts into the sea.

I've been consumed by Greek mythology lately, but it's always been a subject I've loved. Oceanids were sea-nymphs of which there were only about, oh... 4,000! I used the oceanids and their corresponding territory as inspiration for the image because water is my element, but as far as Greek lore goes, I'm much more attracted to Artemis and Apollo (and their realms the sun, moon, and forest).

...and no questions as to why sea-nymphs need glasses. XD
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