.:New OC:. Apollo the Animaliagod Picture

Remember the Goddimals (whom I created a year ago around this specific date)? I've decided to update/finish them! They also have a new specie name: The Animaliagods. Once again, meet Apollo, the Animaliagod of the Sun, Music, and Art.

Specific information:

Full Name: Apollo
Sex: male
Species: Animaliagod
Age: immortal
DoB: The seventh day of the month Thargelion
Height: 12"
Weight: 2.2 lbs.

Character information:

Inspiration: Apollo, the God of the Sun, Music, and Art (from Greek Mythology)

Nicknames: A

Alignment: Good

Personality: sunny, bright, heroic, spontaneous, handsome, musical, melodic, tuneful, sweet-sounding, harmonious, valiant, daring, good-natured, positive, optimistic, relentlessly upbeat, confident, angelic, heavenly, holy, godlike, selfless, energetic, outgoing, athletic, masculine, carefree, friendly, sweet, adventurous, lively, animated, perky, self-assured, kawaii, ingenious, masterly, utopian, visionary, original, airy-fairy, creative, imaginative, artistic, starry-eyed, idealistic, sweet-tempered, merry, caring, charitable, humane, good-humored, good-hearted, enthusiastic, wise, if not slightly naïve, suave, religious, graceful, frolicsome, charismatic

Appearance: slender, handsome, young, long and floppy ears w/ black tips/tufts of fur, white, yellow, and light orange fur, white/yellow/light orange Mohawk, yellow/orange eyes, black nose, whiskers, orange eyebrows, light pink inside ears, yellow and light orange fur on chest, small angel wings, black fur on back (that ends at the middle of the tail area), dragon/demon-like tail, white gown that connects to a sun charm, white boots, and a gold medal leaf headband

Occupation: Animaliagod of the Sun, Music, and Art

Home: Heaven

Relatives: Zeus (father), Leto (mother)

Allies: Aphrodite (love interest/girlfriend), Poseidon, Bacchus, Vulcan

Enemies: Hades

Likes: the sun, music, art, poetry, orange and yellow, flying, singing, dancing, hugs, Aphrodite, love, romance, his friends, positivity, optimism, happiness, parties, religion, frolicking

Dislikes: his friends in danger, evil, demons, Hades, Hell, not flying, negativity, pessimism, Vulcan's temper, Poseidon's stricture, sadness, fear, insecurity, egotism, narcissism, sarcasm, selfishness

Character & designs (c)
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