A Few Monsters 1 Picture

I drew these a few months ago, but my printer/scanner wasn't cooperating. I like how the chimera's creepy fish hand turned out the best.

Anubis is not actually the Anubis of Egyptian mythology, but is far more powerful, and far more real. He is an entity of death, knowledge, and cosmic balance. He rarely interferes with mortals, and to make a pact with him usually entails a near-death experience.

The Trapped Spook is a ghastly scoundrel that has been imprisoned with magic bindings, and bent to a magician's will. A Trapped Spook can answer almost any question asked of it, although it will be deliberately cryptic and ambiguous, especially if it can put their captor in mortal danger to do so. It is possible to get a better answer with flattery and bribes, although a Trapped Spook's favor is hard to win and quick to change.

A 6-Part Chimera has the jaws of a crocodile, the horns of a ram, the upper torso of a spikehurst, the lower torso and left leg of a bear, the right leg of a minotaur, a sun lion's head for its left hand, and a hydra's head for its right hand. This ungodly combination is incredibly unstable, and the magic contained within is constantly trying to tear its way out. As such, the chimera's entire existence is suffering and rage, attacking everything in sight without holding an ounce of its strength back.
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