Akarin Tenki, Mistress of the clouds Picture

Okay, i'm starting a new bach of OC's. I'm planning on puttiing my old ones for sale for about 50-150 points, but on the bright side, here's a gif! I kind of cheated a little with the lineart. I changed the colors accordingly

Name: Akarin Tenki
Age: Appears to be 16
Occupation: Mistress of the clouds
Likes: Purple, Clouds, the sky, fluffy stuff
Dislikes: Her shoes falling off when shes sitting down.
Accociated with: Mother Gaya, Hikarin, Chishirin and Tarin.
Powers: The ability to control air, and clouds.
Backstory: At first, they were homeless. They lived in a alleyway and their only friends were their sisters, and the cats that often came around there. This was until Gaya came around and felt pity for them. She blessed them each with a power and a realm. Hikarin took the stars, Akarin took the clouds, Chishirin took the sun and Tarin, the oldest of the 4 took the sky. They were immediatly sent to their areas, where they took charge of everything that happened on earth.
There are very few mortal sightings of Akarin, and even so, Akarin will only appear for a second, probably to get her slipper that often falls off when she sits on a cloud in the sky.


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