The future Jade Emperor and Dragon god Picture

So I can't seem to be able to focus on Gilgamesh (what a shame), and I decided to do some dragons since that always seems to relax me. I came up with this huge concept with gigantic back ground and stuff, and half way through I was like...I want to do something CUTE! (for Christ's sake!)

I seem to be having a lot of change of hearts recently, oh well.
So this is the result of about an hour and half of work? These two are the 'future' rulers of the heavenly court (of Chinese mythology), the dragon being just hatched, and the jade emperor (who at this point is still the jade prince I guess haha)

So the story goes like this in my mind: The current jade emperor gave his lonely son a gift, a dragon egg. The prince (being all cold and emotionless from the long time spent in solitude) have never taken care of anything let along a living creature, so he just leave the egg be by his window in the sun. A thousand years past and nothing happened to the egg, and so the prince got worried. He pick up the egg to check if the egg has died and CRACK!

And this is what happens when they first meet
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