Promethius Bound Picture

I did this for my Folklore/Mythology class, my favorite one from last semester. We read the greek play Promethius Bound and did groupwork. My job was mainly drawing Promethius punished the way it said.

Promethius is the god of intellect and forethought, hence his name sounding like promenition. He helped out the humans by stealing fire from Mount Olympus. For this he was nailed by adamantine chains and wedges, bronze bonds to a craggy rock, hidden in a gully. The sun was able to shine on him and sunburn him as well. They also nailed hm to standing up with knees unbent by a wedge in his left breast. He was punished even more because he would not agree to promise to keep secret the mother of Zeus' future son who would overthrown him and rescue Promethius. That would Hercules. The further punishment was that the craggy rock will rise up from the gully and an eagle will come and eat his liver daily.

We argued if wheather or not Promethius is a hero or a person who cravs attention. 2 pieces of evidence for the latter was that he lied about how long his punishment was. Also when a mortal woman cried for her lifelong troubles, he told her to stop and cry for him instead. Promethius, however, is immortal. The punishment is not lifelong.

Thanks for reading all this.
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