Icarus Picture

My new character Icarus, who is going to be my first lupe on one of my side accounts ^^ If you don't know the Greek Mythology legend of Icarus it goes a little something like this:

Icarus's Dad, Daedalus was asked by some King dude to build a maze. (That maze soon becomes where the famous Minotaur is kept) Then the King traps Daedalus and his son (Icarus) in a tower, because he doesn't want to share Daedalus's superior architectural skillz with the world cause he's hella greedy. So Daedalus makes a plan: He makes two wings out of wax and feathers for Icarus and himself so they can fly to their freedom

Once flying, Daedalus warns his son, "Don't fly too high or the sun will melt your wings, and don't fly two low or they'll be damp and fall apart" But of course, being the silly little boy that Icarus is, he flies too high and dies. Cause he's stoopid. Always listen to your daddy's, folks.

Anyway we're learning this in Drama, and I just got this inspiration to make Icarus, my lupe. I've been wanting to make one for a long time now. So I was drawing at my dads and suddenly the pose, design and inspiration all came at once and the end result was this. I looovvveee how it turned out and wouldn't wish for it any other way
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