Priest and priestess of Erkar Picture

Erkar is the strongest of the Morkel gods, ruler of the sea and represents the chaotic forces of nature. Like Datena, goddess of passion, Erkar is an impulsive god who can cause much suffering and cares little about the fate of mortals, yet is also the only deity strong enough to fight against monsters and forces who wish to destroy the world. In early Morkel mythology, Erkar and the sun god Athar were one and the same; leader of the gods, who needed to be strong and often ruthless to keep danger at bay, just like the early chiefs in the Plain of Kings. They erected temples in his honour, with fine idols and elaborate ceremonies to ensure prosperity and victory in war. In time, when kingdoms and dynasties appeared and the world felt less savage, Athar became the main deity due to his image as the ruler who learns to temper his feelings and gain wisdom as a result. Thus, Erkar gained a more negative reputation as savage and archaic, at once feared and respected.
The priests and priestesses of Erkar reflect their god's contempt for mortals, wearing animals skins and rough cloth to show humility, sacrificing wild animals out in the open and begging for mercy whenever disaster strikes.
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