Ro Aftgood Picture

Introducing, Antique Lace Stables' new Katala Ratsu trainer/handler. Firstly, no, I did not intend for him to be dressed like Sherlock Holmes (BBC), and second, I decided I needed more staff members.

Name: Ro Aftgood
Nicknames: none, he goes by Ro
age: 23
sex: male
sexuality: straight
skin color: pale
hair color: light grey (dyed from ash blond)
height: 6 ft
weight: 130 lbs (really thin, hardly any muscle)
Job at ALS: Ratsu trainer/handler (works with Finch, Hiro, and Biggley for now)
Family: A twin sister, and a brother
Personality: An airy sort of man, he seems to smile quite a lot, and appears to be always tired (he always carries an arsenal of melatonin and 5 hour energies). He's a very decent person, and he loves fashion, a big fan of Dior Homme. He loves nothing more than working with the horses, it's his life passion, although some days he dreams of fashion design.
Notes: His mother often called him "moon" as a child, calling his brother "sun" and his sister "star", after the three celestial titans of Greek mythology.
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