Icarus Complex Book 1 Picture

Opening page of my Icarus Complex graphic novel.
While at RISD I combined my digital imaging and artist book classes for my final project.
I wanted to make a book that told the story of Icarus in which type interacted with the image or formed the image. The book was going to be written in verse (not rhyming) and my new take on the mythology is that Icarus realizes that he is hoping for something unattainable (the sun) and rips out his wing constructs in order to remind himself to be grounded and realistic. It was my commentary on the many crushes I was experiencing in college, how I was putting people on pedestals, and not being realistic or rational about finding someone compatible. Luckily I got the lesson. The book never went anywhere and I was chastised for letting type run through the gutters of my pages and also creating a mock up instead of an actual book. My professor also wasn't keen on digital art, anime, graphic novels, or knew what post-hardcore/screamo even was so this idea was lost on her. The idea was that each page looked a bit like a Post Hardcore/ Screamo band poster. Icarus is supposed to look like a kid in a t-shirt and jeans. I've outgrown all these trappings but it's fun to look back.
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