Tom Bombadil, the Okapitaur Picture

Heh. After seeing so many people, such as Raygirl (*raygirl, not ~Raygirl13), making images of mythological creatures, I just had to make one too! So, this is a nude >.< Tom Bombadil, except as an okapitaur. Half-okapi, Half-...okapi. Yeah... So I guess that means he is ALL okapi? o_O Well, then. You can see the non-colored version in my Scraps. This didn't come out perfect, but over all good. The annoying part is the fact that three-fourths into the coloring, I realized that the shades of brown were too light. So, in this picture, Tom is a bit lighter than he should be. Also, I only added the shadows so that it would prove that I haven't been avoiding them. Therefore, some shadows may not line up with the direction of the sun.

The picture (and it's non-colored self) turned out so well, that the Okapitaur just might show up in a story. You never know... >.> o.o <.<

= Inspired By =
Inspiration was started by...
However, many deviants increased the will for me to create this, but the one that had the straw that broke the camel's back was...
Who, of course, for unknown reasons, most male RZ members are at least seemingly infatuated. O_O
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