Jim: game 2 Picture

This game is for any skill level and the rules are simple. One person doodles something, and the next person must doodle something to defeat it. Labeling is allowed.

~ Since we had just watched Brave, I drew a thistle. And, oh yeah, a bear. (she’s built more like a polar than a black bear but SHHH!)
~ Which Jim distracted with a pic-a-nic basket.
~ I lit the hoagie on fire so it wouldn’t be appetizing.
~ He made the moon kick nudge the sun away. (all these colors are from one pen, by the way)
~ Hati is the wolf in Scandinavian mythology who eats the moon in the apocalypse.
~ Hati gets a round of indigestion…
~ That must be surgically rectified.
~ My character Henry, who is not a vet, but he’s studying medicine so close enough. Heart plus paw print!
~ Jim inflated the medical bill tremendously.
~ [link] Philanthropy saves the day!

I won this round. And now I’m seeing Hati sitting on a pile of polished moonstones.

We need a Round 3, friend!
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