Pyrodax Species Branch Picture

All different ages of the Pyrodax, are shown here: chargoat, the infant; flarepine, the teen; pyrodax, the adult.

Here's the bio:
According to the mythology of this creature, one day the Pharaoh's baby addax trampled through the streets where a fire stood in a brazier for a hundred years. The animal tipped over the brazier and was lit by the flames that landed on its feet. While it was crying in pain, the villagers and the Pharaoh's troops tried to quench the fire, but it was no use. They buried the beloved beast at dusk, but when dawn came the next day, the creature arose, with an orange colored pelt, and the flames still covered its body, as a sign that it will never die.

Medium: pencil and pen with minor amounts of digital editing

Category: Quick-Art
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